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Chinese Herbal Medicine - £40 / week (Note : herbal products are not refundable)
Herbal medicine has been used as long as acupuncture in China. Herbal medicine uses  plant leaves, plant stems, bark, roots, seeds and flowers. Each herbal ingredient has its own specific properties which are cleverly combined together as a treatment for  diseases. By restoring the body's normal physiological function the treatment helps keep a holistic balance. Herbal medicine must be prescribed by fully qualified TCM Doctor after a comprehensive consultation.

Reflexology - 30 minutes £35.00
Reflexology works by applying hand pressure to parts of the feet. TCM believes that each area of the foot has a specific therapeutic relationship with an organ or part of the body. The therapeutic effect of reflexology is to assist the regulation of  the metabolism, promote circulation, decrease tiredness and increase the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Cupping Therapy - £35.0 per session
Cupping therapy  uses glass cups on the body by heating them to create a vacuum. The suction from the vacuum improves circulation whilst removing toxins and excess fluids around  the treatment area to relax muscles and reduce any  pain.

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