Tel : 01753 859715
Mob : 07861376988
62, St Leonard's Road, Windsor.

Consultation - 15 to 20 minutes :
- £30, but FREE if the Consultation outcome leads directly to a treatment of the patient

To analyse the state of your well-being, a full TCM  medical consultation is necessary, particularly for a new client. At  Eastern Natural Care Windsor  a consultation will take approximately 20 minutes and will include questioning regarding your health, medical history and lifestyle. The consultation will also include examination of your tongue, and measuring you pulse and blood pressure.

Directions 62 St Leonard's Road, Windsor

The Eastern Natural Care Windsor clinic is located on the north-west corner of the intersection of St Leonards Road and St Marks Road in the southern shopping district of central Windsor. The clinic is 15 seconds north of Windsor's well known "Fire Station Centre for Arts and Culture".


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